Brzezinski: the USA and Russia Aren’t Capable Settle the Karabakh Conflict


For the first time within an electoral period international intermediaries – co-chairs of the Minsk OSCE Group on Nagorno-Karabakh settlement (Russia, the USA, France) have gained the opportunity to proceed consulting the parties in and outside the region, as stated in the review. During the meetings held the international intermediaries intended to extend direct contacts of the Parties to reach an agreement on the basic principles of the conflict settlement. Armenian-Azerbaijani meetings at the summit level were held twice (on June 6th in Saint-Petersburg and on November 2nd in Moscow). READ MORE

Kazakh Vice Foreign Minister N. Danenov took part in UN Human Rights Council session

Kazakhstan delegation headed by Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Nurlan Danenov took part in the X session of the UN Human Rights Council opened in Geneva, Kazinform refers to the press service of the Kazakh Foreign Affairs Ministry Development, security and human rights are closely connected with each other, therefore it is crucial to prevent social instability and worsening the observance of human rightst protection in the world due to global financial crisis, the Kazakh Vice Minister noted in his speech. READ MORE

US, Russia Agree to Work Out New Arms Deal

Russia and the Uniteds States have agreed to a work plan towards a new strategic arms reduction treaty, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Friday, March 6, after talks with her Russian counterpart. READ MORE

Euro-Atlantic factor

Albert Dunn

Moscow is still going to persuade its partners in the OSCE to realize by means of this organization an ambitious reform of the system of international security.

Appearance in Washington of the new administration has agitated the hopes on softening confrontation with Moscow. In some political narrators’ opinion, the presidents Obama and Medvedev, both representing the first generation of politicians, developed after the Cold War, can manage to do what their predecessors did not. This optimism strengthened still more after a presentation of the US vice president Joe Bayden on recent Munich conference, where he stated that in Russian-American relations it came time to press the button "reset". READ MORE

Eastern European Nations Fear Rift With Richer Neighbors

Politicians agreed they don't want divisions in the EU, but internal conflict continues EU leaders tried to overcome their differences on how to address the ongoing economic crisis as protectionism fears and calls for aid from smaller members raised warnings of a "new iron curtain" in Europe. READ MORE

Europe should unite against Russia

Maria Ordzhonikidze, Secretary-General, EU-Russia Centre

"The EU should review its perception of what Russian outward-looking economic policies stand for," argues Maria Ordzhonikidze, secretary-general of the EU-Russia Centre.

Historically, Russia's gas monopoly has always been in "perpetual conflict with [European] transit countries for its commodities," the author states. However, she laments that the EU seems yet again "to have been unprepared for what was a predictable sequel to an old conflict". READ MORE

EU, Russia quietly battle for Eastern Europe influence

A low-key tug of war is developing between the EU and Russia as both sides battle for the long-term allegiances of Eastern European states, according to the president of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.


Central and Eastern European/South Eastern European (CEE/SEE) countries are a major trading and financial partner for the euro zone. The annual surplus in the balance of payments with eurozone countries is estimated at €60 billion. READ MORE

The European Union, Kazakhstan and the 2010 OSCE Chairmanship

Neil J. Melvin

In the last decade, developing good relations with Kazakhstan has become an ever more important priority for the European Union — driven by Kazakhstan's growth as an energy supplier and the country's rising profile on the international scene. At the same time, Europe has become increasingly significant for Kazakhstan as a leading economic partner and a source of inspiration in terms of providing potential models for the economic, social and political modernization of the country that is advocated by President Nazarbaev. READ MORE

OSCE Observers to Stay for At Least Four Months

56 participating states of OSCE agreed on February 12 to extend presence of 20 unarmed monitors in the areas adjacent to breakaway South Ossetia until June 30.

OSCE decided on August 19 to "immediately" deploy 20 of its observers in the adjacent areas for the period of at least six months. READ MORE

Javier Solana: We tend to believe that security inside Europe is largely "completed"

Dr. Javier Solana Madariaga

"There are many urgent problems that demand our attention. They are captured in the rather ambitious title of our session: NATO, Russia, Oil and Gas and the Middle East: the future of European security. That is rather a lot to cover in a short intervention. Let me first focus on the last element: European security as such". READ MORE