Rasmussen: Time for action

An informal meeting of Europe’s ministers for foreign affairs - Gymnich - took place on Sept. 6-7 in Vilnius, where discussions centered on preparations for the December European Council on Defense Issues and items related to the Eastern Partnership and southern neighborhood policy, reports ELTA. READ MORE

Geopolitical Journey: The U.S.-European Relationship, Then and Now

By George Friedman

I am writing this from Greece, having spent the past week in Europe and having moved among various capitals. Most discussions I've had in my travels concern U.S. President Barack Obama's failure to move decisively against Syria and how Russian President Vladimir Putin outmatched him. Of course, the Syrian intervention had many aspects, and one of the most important ones, which was not fully examined, was what it told us about the state of U.S.-European relations and of relations among European countries. This is perhaps the most important question on the table. READ MORE

Tevan J. Poghosyan: Simultaneous participation in both the CU and DCFTA-envisaged regimes is not possible


Exclusive interview of the President International Center for Human Development (ICHD) , Member of the Parliament, National Assembly of Armenia  Mr Tevan J. Poghosyan READ MORE

NATO, Russia hold joint anti-terror exercise in Poland


NATO and Russian fighter jets took part in a joint anti-terror exercise in Poland on Wednesday at time when ties are strained between the military alliance and Moscow. READ MORE

Europe and Turkey: In search of a new world


By Kader Sevinç

Some EU governments act in contradiction with a strategic vision for the common European values and interest when they block Turkey’s accession talks. READ MORE

European perspectives on the German vote


Europe paid close attention to the vote in Germany. Correspondents from across Europe believe that whoever will govern in Berlin will have a major impact on politics in the entire eurozone. READ MORE

Bavaria result poses dilemma for Merkel

The Bavarian regional elections have provided the ruling Christian Social Union with an absolute majority. But the defeat of the Free Democratic Party could be more detrimental to Chancellor Merkel's election success. READ MORE

Germany’s Leadership Question on the Eve of Elections

By Megan Doherty

In the run-up to federal elections, Germany confronts a leadership problem. In the 19th century, Germans debated their unification and role in Europe. Today, journalists, commentators, and policy experts across Europe and the world have reframed the German Question, arguing that a lack of decisive leadership during the euro crisis is now the biggest threat Germany poses to its neighbors.  READ MORE

Droutsas: Greece could be a 'victim' of German election

Greece is a hot topic in Germany's election campaign, as the two main parties debate another bailout for Athens. Greek MEP Dimitrios Droutsas told these decisions shouldn't be made during an election. READ MORE

Interview: Georgian PM Ivanishvili Addresses Controversial Points of His Nation's Affairs

During a two-day visit to Estonia, the Georgian prime minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili, said Georgia will prove that it is a European country, and that it will join the EU and NATO. READ MORE