Norway election: Conservative Erna Solberg triumphs


Norwegian centre-right leader Erna Solberg is set to form a new government after Labour Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg admitted election defeat. READ MORE

Estonia Threatened to Close the Border for Electric Power with Latvia and Lithuania

The Minister of Economy and Communications of Estonia Juhan Parts sent a letter to his Lithuanian and Latvian colleagues where he pretty bitterly criticized them for delay in the preparation of liberalization of the power market in these countries. READ MORE

The German election: What’s in it for Europe?

As German election day approaches, the outcome and coalition formed in its aftermath will have an impact on the country's positions on European issues. Roland Freudenstein ponders which are the likely post-election scenarios and what they mean for Europe. READ MORE

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen calls on Europe to invest in security in order to defend democracy

European countries should invest more in their defense capacities to be able to defend principles of democracy around the globe, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said in Vilnius. READ MORE

The Operation In Syria Splits Europe

By Arthur Dunn

At the Munich Security Conference 2011 NATO Secretary General Rasmussen introduced a new concept of defense, capable of creating more favorable conditions in the field of security with fewer resources through closer cooperation and flexible than it was before. It is based on the principle of differentiated responsibilities of the Alliance members with different capabilities, taking into account, in what areas they have an advantage. And the search for common ground with other organizations. In the first place with the European Union, whose interests in the field of security is largely coincide with those of NATO. But as for an organization such as the Collective Security Treaty Organization, NATO is still only prefers to develop bilateral relations with each of the members of this organization. Strengthening of cooperation with the countries of the CSTO is dictated by the situation in neighboring Afghanistan. As well as the modernization of NATO itself. READ MORE

Kosovo symbol dispute shows limit of EU deal

By Jeton Zulfaj

The inconvenient truth that the EU-mediated negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia will not lead to genuine reconciliation is coming to light. READ MORE

United States considers Baltics equal strategic cooperation partners

During the Baltic presidents' meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington on Friday, the Baltic presidents were affirmed that the United States and the Baltic countries were equal partners in strategic cooperation, as the Latvian President's Press Office informed LETA. READ MORE

Juozas Olekas : Closer defence cooperation in Europe is a natural and inevitable process which strengthens NATO

Exclusive interview of the Minister of National Defence Republic of Lithuania Mr. Juozas Olekas. READ MORE

Russia’s Middle-East End Game, at the Hands of the Post-Soviet Grandmaster

By Dmitri Trenin

Why Putin believes U.S. policies in the Middle East since the Arab Spring have been misguided, unprincipled, and dangerous. READ MORE

Abiyev, Hagel Highlight Success of Growing U.S.-Azerbaijan Defense Ties

In a working Pentagon visit this week, Colonel General Safar Abiyev, Azerbaijan's Minister of Defense, and U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel pledged to extend and deepen the strategic partnership between their two countries, the Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the US Fakhraddin Ismayilov reported. READ MORE