Staying Afloat in Each Port of Caspian Region


By Mikhail Agadzhanyan

The Caspian tour of Putin, planned in the middle of August, is about regional subject-matter READ MORE

East-Caspian Express: the Stop “Verticals”

By Mikhail Agadzhanyan

During the visit of the President of Turkmenistan Berdymukhamedov in Kazakhstan (May 10th -11th) an opening of Kazakhstani-Turkmen part of the railway Uzen – Bereket – Gorgan took place. The accomplishment of the railway project of three-party character in recent years has been contradicting. The first terms of the railway commissioning in a finalized Kazakhstani-Turkmen-Iranian way was planned for the end of 2011. Then they were postponed till December last year. But the parties didn’t manage to fit the reconsidered time frames of the railway commissioning. READ MORE

2013: the Caspian Year


By Stanislav Pritchin

In 2013, the Caspian Region should be eventful, with the Fourth Caspian Summit to take place by the end of the year, and presidential elections in Iran in June and in Azerbaijan in October. In the first half of the year, Barack Obama is going to unveil his second-term regional foreign policy priorities, which will to a great extent define the situation around Iran's nuclear program and the solution of Afghan problems. READ MORE

Ukraine wants to diversify energy supply routes through partnership with Caspian states

The Ukrainian government is successfully implementing a program to improve the state's energy independence by diversifying the routes and sources of energy supplies and increasing domestic production. Ukraine sees the Caspian states as important partners for the diversification of energy supply routes and sources and the implementation of joint energy projects. READ MORE

‘Big Game’ heating up on Caspian gas with Turkey’s Turkmen move

Top ranking representatives from Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerarbaijan and the European Union sat at the table yesterday to discuss adding Turkmenistan, reportedly the holder of world’s fourth largest natural gas reserves, to a $7 billion project that will carry the Azeri gas to Turkey. READ MORE

Innokentij Adyasov: Does Turkmenistan Have Enough Resources for the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline?

By actual freezing of NABUCCO project the attempts (starting from mid of 2011) to rehabilitate already forgotten (for the first time the idea of such gas pipeline was announced in 1996) project of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline have intensified. In March 2012 the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov visited Ukraine.  In Kiev for uncovered joy of Ukrainian authorities Berdymukhamedov announced the idea of construction of the pipeline Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia (with optional branch to Ukraine) – Turkey – the European Union (EU) for supplies of gas to Europe by-passing Russia. The capacity of planned gas pipeline should comprise up to 25 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. READ MORE

Moscow 'regrets' EU decision on trans-Caspian gas pipeline

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Moscow regrets the EU's decision on Monday to open talks with Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan aimed at agreeing shipment of Turkmen natural gas across the Caspian Sea to Europe. READ MORE

Caspian Divide into Five is -?

By Alexander Yuzhnyj

Legal status of Caspian Sea is one of the most important issues for the states, located along the shores of the biggest lake in the world. READ MORE

Trans-Caspian Pipeline Is Launched

By Viktoria Panfilova

Ashkhabad and Baku Start with Evaluation of Ecologic Risks. READ MORE