Kazakh Oil Flows to Feodosiya

Anna Ahmetova

Feodosiya import increased oil transferring in 2,8 times. Up to May, monthly oil processing volume will comprise not less than 200 thousand tons.

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Transport and Communications, in January the transshipment port increased the transfer up to 216,5 thousand tons, in comparison with the previous January value of 75,1 thousand tons.

Total supplies turnover for the first month of 2009 was 277 thousand tons, which is 50% more than it was in 2008.

Let us remind, that Feodosiya sea trade port is one of the biggest oil-transshipment enterprise of Ukraine. Its capacity is more than 10 million tons a year. Several years ago, due to “Yukos” bankruptcy, Feodosiya port lost a flow of Russian crude oil and was oriented on petroleum products mainly from Kazakhstan.

In 2006 then Fuel and Energy Minister of Ukraine Yuri Boyko announced about Kazakhstani oil transshipment. The Ministry for Fuel and Energy planned to cooperate with Russian “Transneft” company. In addition, American-Kazakhstan Joint Venture “Tengizchevroil” also demonstrated its interest in Feodosiya terminal. Kazakhstani bank “CentrCredit” is ready to invest 100 million dollars to accomplish Feodosiya oil-transshipment complex “Kafa”, which is only 50% ready. “CentrCredit” is under the influence of Bakhytbek Baiseitov who represents the interests of the leader Nursultan Nazarbayev. Obviously, Kazakhstan will invest into transshipment terminal accomplishment in exchange of its equity share.

Last year the State Property Fund of Ukraine exposed for sale a government stake of “Kafa” of 25% for 26 million UAH. At first SPFU is obliged to offer the shares to its current shareholders – OOO “Vita-XXI”, that is controlled on the principle of parity by Feodosiya Mayor Aleksander Bartenev and acting Director of Feodosiya oil terminal Ivan Khimchenko, who is a father of the General Director of ZAO Feodosiya oil-transshipment complex “Kafa” Andrey Khimchenko.

Bartenev has already informed about current negotiations with Crimean Government on sale of the government stake of “Kafa” oil-transshipment complex. The Mayor of Feodosiya expressed his hope for the oil terminal and Feodosiya sea port to operate in full capacity in future.

A former director of Feodosiya oil terminal, the member of Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Aleksander Bartenev (the Party of Regions) was elected for Mayor of Feodosiya during snap election on November 30th, 2008.

Translated from «New Region»