Baku and Washington find out the relationship

U.S. Commander in Azerbaijan special group to monitor the presidential election on October 9. Report this press officer of the U.S. Embassy in Baku Jonas Stewart said that the observation will be engaged in small group of U.S. diplomatic mission. This decision was preceded by an unexpected message of the U.S. Embassy to cancel his visit to Azerbaijan, the U.S. delegation led by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Melia. 


The reason that the U.S. delegation has changed the plans, at first called the Baku desire to take it after the presidential election. But later it turned out that the true motive of solutions was the reluctance of the authorities to deal with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Thomas Melia. 


By the way, this visit is quite definite and clear expectations have been associated with members of the opposition camp, ready to pour out his heart to officials from the State Department about the oppression of the authorities. 


What happened? After all, Thomas Melia, would often visit to Azerbaijan. Here he was met at the highest level, not put obstacles to meet with opposition. The point, apparently, is that many U.S. diplomats have not understood that the Caucasus is not made in person to say one thing and behind your back - another. And it did so during his last visit to Azerbaijan, Thomas Melia. As the electronic edition haqqin. az, the official "distinguished" scandalous interview with the Azerbaijani news agency "Turan", "when immediately after the meeting with President Ilham Aliyev, who" bestowed "eulogies, meeting with journalists, regarded his third nomination for the presidency as a spade for a certain red line." 


As expected, the "categorical statement Melia has caused a diplomatic row, and the U.S. Embassy have long to correct an oversight official, disavowing and striking out scandalous phrase of all the texts on all the sites, the ultimate tone conveyed to the State Department representative," the newspaper notes. 


This is not the first scandal to U.S. diplomats. Baku is extremely sensitive about those situations when this kind of assessment guests a particular event suddenly takes on a whole different shades depending on the circumstances or the location of the authors of a particular application. In these stories got some former employees of the U.S. diplomatic mission. During his stay in Azerbaijan, they did not see any flaws in the country, as they sometimes had to lobby for the interests of their states, and to do this it was necessary to maintain good relations with Azerbaijani senior officials. But after his departure from the country they started "sessions exposure" and to teach Azerbaijan wits. Obviously, this behavior of foreign visitors did not pass unnoticed. So Thomas Melia was in the list of "lay an egg." 


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