By Alina Kantor

Signed an intergovernmental agreement on extradition criminals


For the West, is becoming increasingly important issue such as the extradition of criminals. His comprehensive study shows that the subject is able to greatly undermine relations with many partner countries of the former Soviet Union. 


Escaped murderer, thievish officials, terrorists from Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries, hidden in the EU, so feel free and confident, calling into question the existence of common sense from the Europeans. But extradition - is an international act of mutual aid and expressions of solidarity between countries in the fight against crime, an element of respect for the principles of fairness and justice. 


Unfortunately, in the West remember cooperation only when, you are faced with similar problems. Example - the story of ex-CIA agent Edward Snowden. U.S. defector asked to return home. And in response to the representative of the Interior Ministry accused the United States, that they ignore the requests for extradition of the Russian Federation of specified leaders of the terrorist underground. 


Recently, Spain's National Court ordered the extradition to Kazakhstan head of the fugitive oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov Alexander Pavlov. The authorities of the country he is accused of attempting to commit a series of attacks and financial crimes. Accused of terrorism and obtaining by deception in BTA Bank loan of 22.5 million euros Pavlov known as trustee fugitive oligarch. 


According to the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan, the man on the instructions of his boss planned a series of terrorist attacks in Alma-Ata in order to destabilize the situation in the country. KNB officers prevented a terrorist attack in one area of Alma-Ata. According to the General Prosecutor's Office, for the organization of terrorist acts Pavlov allocated funds in the amount of 25,000 dollars. 


Pavlov not only headed bodyguard Ablyazova. In particular, he organized the evacuation of the personal archives Ablyazova and hard drives from computers that control the corporate business of the bank, after which he went to the UK. Since 2009, disappeared along with his boss in London. It was only the fifth year in Europe there has been a logical break in the search for Ablyazov and his guards. Oligarch, wielding considerable financial resources trying to control the liberal media in Europe in order to maintain its image as a political martyr, who was kidnapped wife and daughter. But this is just a game to the public. 


International treaties on extradition in many European countries are treated, in the opinion of the Europeans, too "liberal." There are very reluctant to give those accused of political crimes than are criminals of all kinds. 


Part of this problem encountered and the Europeans themselves. For example, Spain was denied Pinochet, about the same as Russia was not given Zakayev. And though the evil committed by them - obviously acts already established in the relevant judicial circle stereotype does not give out. The system of case law allows judges to be unacceptable work. And there is distrust of the justice of the partner countries. Impunity creates new crimes. That is why it is important to bring together the legal systems of the states, with the help of justice could actually fight the menace of terrorism and transnational crime. 


It should be noted that in this area there has still moving. In particular, the proof is the situation with the terrorist Pavlov. Spain was the first European country with which Kazakhstan signed an agreement on extradition. In the common interest, to the principle of inevitability of punishment enforced.