Criminal oligarchy threatens Europe

By Alina Kantor

Trying to avoid criminal liability for the theft of billions of dollars , arrested in France Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov and his companions battle provoked information on the European media space . Attacks are those who , in one way or another, is opposed to a criminal syndicate. Extracts and French democracy . The Fifth Republic is criticized for being Abliyazov in detention , subjected to the pressure of the French court , which must decide on the extradition of the oligarch. In parallel, the propaganda campaign in his defense.


Actively involved in this activity and business-woman Leila Khrapunov , the wife of the same fugitive Kazakh oligarch Viktor Khrapunov , now living in Switzerland. On its Web site , it publishes incriminating pamphlets actively intercedes for Ablyazova , pouring mud or even the innocent Frenchmen. But the effect of its publications, Leila gets quite the opposite . Content production is given on the network share Leila contains allegations against the French police, who against Ablyazov has involved serious strength. It took into account the experience of the British police who tried to arrest Ablyazova . But then oligarch helped fake documents . The ability of the fugitive oligarch disappear at the critical moment is known to all . Therefore, his detention was developed by a special operation . As you know, the upcoming conclusion of the criminal fled from England to France ... from English justice he concealed information about assets that are illegally brought from Kazakhstan's BTA Bank.


Despite all attempts to influence public opinion and get a large deposit , Ablyazov in France failed. French Themis expressed distrust of the fugitive oligarch and put him in jail.


Parallel across Europe were arrests and extradition of trusted people Ablyazova . The last act of the drama was the arrest of the fugitive oligarch attorney Elena Tishchenko in Moscow, where she arrived for Ablyazova . She coordinated action in Russia for the legalization of property stolen by criminal means . And also prevents attempts to assets worth over 3.3 billion dollars. It shadowing passion Ablyazova and led Interpol to Cannes, where, after a clever police operation was delayed oligarch.


The nationalization of BTA Bank, which was robbed Ablyazov and on the verge of bankruptcy, his defense is an attempt to settle scores with the opposition . However , the trials in London have shown numerous instances of fraud and output Ablyazov assets in offshore accounts . This open information, which is very easy to check.


Another character in the deck criminal oligarchy fugitive ex-official Rakhat Aliyev ( today under the name of Shoraz ) . He lives in Malta. Another portion psevdorazoblocheny aims to set against Kazakhstan European Union.


Another , who escaped to Switzerland a major corrupt Victor Hrapunov . For it became one after the other to initiate criminal proceedings.


These fugitives political opposition , and the criminals who take advantage of credulity Europeans corruption of the media and the politicians are moving away from criminal liability. The current information attacks in some European media due to the fact that after Ablyazova in court and will soon be Hrapunov.


An interesting paradox emerged in Europe today . On the one hand only in 2011 on the territory of the European Union has been legalized 1.2 trillion . euro "dirty money" , the other is in the Old World at this time of global crisis made ​​itself loudest . It is no coincidence on the political Olympus EU have discussions about the need to freeze and confiscate the proceeds of crime . Instead of working on the economy, many billions were criminals and thieves. They do not pay taxes , do not create jobs , sow confusion and are trying to embroil the whole states.


Tolerance for criminal oligarchy that serves the whole industry , consisting of offshore campaigns , investment banks and covered some politicians in Europe could have disastrous consequences.