By Alina Kantor

In the case around the former head of BTA Bank Ablyazova new twist. Investigation Chamber of the Court of Appeal the French city of Aix-en-Provence refused to meet his request for release from custody. Decisions on extradition, he will wait in detention. According to the lawyer of ex-banker, the court "found insufficient" ensure that the former head of BTA Bank, if released, will not leave the territory of France. In addition, the court "is not sure that the security Ablyazova will be better ensured if he would be released."


Mukhtar Ablyazov in Kazakhstan is not only one of the richest men in the country, but also one of the sponsors of social riots in the country. It was he who financed the months-long unrest in the Kazakh city of Zhanaozen, in June and December 2011. Ablyazov himself at that time was already abroad. In Kazakhstan it represented the interests of the country unregistered party "Alga". Its representative, convicted for inciting social discord Vladimir Kozlov recognized this fact when speaking to residents of Zhanaozen strikers. He also repeatedly told the residents that the funds for the "orange revolution" in the country would be "a gift from Ablyazova." But on the court, he and other active participants in the strike movement abandoned their foreign relations. The funding of any such actions punishable in Kazakhstan.


After escaping abroad Abliyazov began to position themselves influential critic. However, the opposition forces in the country have preferred an evolutionary democratic development of the country, but not a revolution, which called for Abliyazov. And he singled out the funds. Fugitive banker cheater almost all the opposition parties do not support. 5 billion dollars taken out of the country, have threatened not only economic stability but also social stability. And the largest bank in the CIS - BTA - was brought to the brink of bankruptcy.


I should add that the opposition are almost all fluent officials or businessmen from Kazakhstan. For example, the former head of the largest city of Kazakhstan - Almaty - Victor Hrapunov suspected embezzlement of millions of corruption. Having fled to Switzerland, the family Khrapunovo is actively criticized the actions of the Kazakh authorities.


Another example - the former ambassador to Austria - Rakhat Aliyev. As an official, he amassed a huge fortune himself by different criminal ways.


As for Ablyazova, the Astana and Moscow and Kiev accusing him of fraud on a large scale. Claims to it is the prosecutor's office in Cyprus, Hungary, Latvia, Great Britain. And in Europe it is already accused of money laundering. Unfortunately, in Europe unbearable continue to apply to such a cursory major officials and oligarchs from the CIS countries. After all, they bring with them into exile money. It seems that those who make them are not interested in the origin of the money. Therefore detention in France Ablyazova on request of the Ukrainian side - a precedent not only for Kazakhstan. This is one of those rare cases where the opposition screen does not help to hide. However, the game continues. Recipients of the fugitive oligarch intensified in his homeland. They announced Ablyazova "main opposition" and said that his arrest - "irreparable damage to the whole Kazakh opposition" and "very serious blow to the democratic forces of Kazakhstan." This, in particular, someone said Sergei Duvanov. And some lonely opposition expressed frustration at the actions of European countries against the supposedly opposition in Kazakhstan. In fact, they blame not only Kazakhstan, but also the European authorities that they have financial claims against Ablyazov. But at the same time continue to ask the French Themis does not extradite Ablyazov either in Ukraine or in Russia, or, especially in Kazakhstan. Russia also been sent to Paris extradition request Ablyazova. Obviously, in the case of extradition Ablyazova in one of these countries, it can openly mention the names of those whom he sponsored in Kazakhstan. Ablyazova appeals to overthrow the constitutional order, and the recipient can lead to the dock on charges of attempting to make a revolution in Kazakhstan.


Today's decision which will be judged Ablyazova remains for France. According to experts, the identity of the charges against the ex-banker a number of countries should not allow Parizhuk oppose his extradition to the requesting one of the states. Most likely, they will nevertheless Ukraine.