In Europe, the hunt for fugitive corrupt officials. In France arrested the former head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov. In Astana, do not lose hope for the arrest of other fugitives. Almost all of them - former high-level officials, suddenly became "the opposition" after fleeing the country. But for the European Themis it does not matter.


On request of Ukraine French authorities detained and later sanctioned the arrest the former head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov. Banker accused of defrauding the largest bank in the CIS U.S. $ 6 billion. Ablyazov was officially declared wanted by Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. In the UK, he was sentenced to 22 months in prison (in absentia) for contempt of court. The High Court in London decided to arrest all the accounts and assets fugitive oligarch. The greatest success of the Kazakh Themis was the decision of the court is obliged to Ablyazova back to the Kazakh BTA Bank about 3.7 billion dollars.


In Ukraine, all of his fraud carried out through the "Ukrainian Credit and Commercial Bank", which became "BTA Bank-Ukraine". In fraud schemes involved more than thousands of offshore companies in different fields of activity: banking, transportation, and other raw materials. A number of them are registered with the company based in Moscow.


Scheme of financial fraud has been applied Mukhtar Ablyazov also research and production complex "Max-Well". Legally complex was considered Ukrainian-American joint venture. The company has taken a Ukrainian subsidiary of BTA Bank loan of $ 100 million, and declared himself bankrupt. And all of her property, as it turned out later, was taken by the company to rent from a company "Eurasia-Ukraine" - a subsidiary of a large holding company "Eurasia", whose president was Mukhtar Ablyazov.


In Russia, too many questions to Ablyazov. For example, a dedicated port on the Sea "Vitino." According to investigators, he controlled the oligarch a Cyprus company «Usarel Investment» Ltd. As the head of BTA Bank, he issued an illegal loan of $ 120 million for the purchase of some of the port of Dutch companies, the next thing of the Cypriot offshore. They became the official owner of the port. The Dutch company also went bankrupt, and not returning the loan BTA.


According to experts, the only Kazakh BTA Bank Abliyazov caused damage in excess of $ 5 billion. The total economic damage from his machinations in all states yet to be counted. Cyprus was forced to modify their policies, abandoning the offshore status. This has led to a dramatic outflow of finance country. However, plant tycoon in his home country, Kazakhstan can not be produced.


BTA Bank former head Mukhtar Ablyazov in Kazakhstan faces up to 13 years in prison with confiscation of property, official representative of the Kazakh Prosecutor General's Office said at a press conference.


"Ablyazov is accused of committing several crimes: establishing and leading a criminal group, theft, legalization of funds obtained through crimes, illegal use of bank funds and so on," He told media. "The maximum sentence is up to 13 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property."


"On July 31 the French bureau of Interpol informed about the detention of Ablyazov in France,  official representative said. "Kazakhstan's National Bureau of Interpol immediately sent an official confirmation of searching for Ablyazov by French colleagues."


He was remanded in custody the same day until the municipal court determines the procedural status. On August 1, the court of Aix-en-Provence town authorized Ablyazov's detention up to 40 days in accordance with the French criminal procedure legislation.


Official representative added that according to the court's decision, Ablyazov will stay in a prison of Luynes town until all procedures relating to extradition are over. On August 2 the Kazakh Prosecutor General's Office sent a letter to France to extradite Ablyazov home.


Ukrainian and Russian law enforcement agencies sent a confirmation about searching for Ablyazov and the intention of the French authorities to extradite him to these countries.


"These processes are independent of each other," he added. "Nobody is entitled to interfere or influence the decisions made by the competent bodies of other countries relating to the search and intention to seek extradition of accused persons," Suindikov added. "The extradition of persons suspected of committing crimes is regulated by the internal legislation of the countries where they are hiding, as well as international agreements."


As for the prospects for Ablyazov's extradition to Kazakhstan, official representative of the Kazakh General Prosecutor's Office said that a positive trend of extraditing the individuals, accused of crimes, from European countries on the basis of reciprocity, that is, even in the absence of bilateral agreements has recently appeared.


A request for the arrest of Ablyazov entered the French authorities of Ukraine. Ukrainian laws fugitive banker could face up to 12 years in prison. It is assumed that the French court will decide on the possible extradition of the former head of BTA Bank until the spring of 2014. As for the claims of Kazakhstan, the Astana between Paris and there is no agreement on extradition of criminals. And because one of the conditions of deportation to Ukraine Ablyazova French side can push it serving a full term in Ukraine without referral to the Kazakh authorities.


Ukrainian law enforcement agencies at this stage of work on participation in an international criminal wanted by Mukhtar Ablyazov fulfilled. Now a matter of honor to secure his extradition to serve his prison sentence under the laws of Ukraine.


The arrest of a fugitive Kazakh citizen - the first in the history of Astana with major frauds. Among them is a former ambassador to Austria and the OSCE - Rakhat Aliyev. He was charged with corruption, murder, plotting a coup. And yet - money laundering. With financial crimes dealt with European investigators. The consequences of going to Austria, Malta, Germany and many other countries.


The German authorities have found that in 2006-2007 as a result of banking operations from the accounts of a company controlled by Aliyev to other similar accounts were transferred to 2.4 million euros. "It may be that the decision to follow very soon, but if find new areas, it will last for several months," - said the press service of the Prosecutor German city of Krefeld, which is under investigation.


At the request of the Austrian and German authorities arrested a Maltese court froze the assets and accounts of the ex-diplomat. The court ordered the banks «Banif Bank» and «Bank of Valletta», as well as the Maltese government services to provide the police access to the property and bank accounts Aliyev, his business partners of the company «Giulianna Limited» and «Olympia Yachting». The decision of the court, Aliyev may not transfer their assets or get rid of them.


As stated in the request for the name of the Maltese Attorney General of the famous Berlin law firm «Danckert Spiller Richter Barlein» (DRSB), Aliyev ferried to Malta € 100 million, which he extorted from large businesses acquired during his time as deputy head of the Committee for National Security of Kazakhstan. Through the accounts of another company - Maximus Holding »AG - laundered huge amounts of illegally acquired Aliyev to Kazakhstan.


According to German investigators, Rakhat Aliyev, starting in 2010, Malta has made a major center for money launderers, moving operations from Austria and Germany.


Despite the success of the Kazakh authorities in apprehending Mukhtar Ablyazov (on request of a third party), the chances of Rakhat Aliyev's arrest and deportation to their homeland is still small. As emphasized by many European media, the investigation will be delayed indefinitely. But judging by the behavior of German and Austrian prosecutors, they intend to bring the investigation of money laundering to the final.


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