Estonia Threatened to Close the Border for Electric Power with Latvia and Lithuania

The Minister of Economy and Communications of Estonia Juhan Parts sent a letter to his Lithuanian and Latvian colleagues where he pretty bitterly criticized them for delay in the preparation of liberalization of the power market in these countries.


Parts reminded, that in 2009 the three Baltic States signed a Memorandum on that the control over consumer’s tariffs on electric power shall be abolished. Estonia has fulfilled its liabilities. He also underlined that Latvia and Lithuania have not yet made moves towards market liberalization. It is reported by Delfi.lv portal.


“Maybe, Estonia is not interested to have completely common market region with Latvia and Lithuania, till the market develops finally. I haven’t yet set this issue openly, but we need to discuss it ", - noted Parts.


He added that it is not normal for Estonia to have a market price which differs significantly from the prices of Northern countries. Parts also reported that there is no alternative to an open market as otherwise no one would have invested into this sector.


Translated from DV.ee