Expert: Rogozin’s stance on Moldova-EU energy deal is blackmailing

Energy experts believe that Russian Deputy Premier Dmitry Rogozin’s speech delivered in Chisinau on Monday proves once again that Moldova has chosen the right path, Russia seeming disturbed by country’s moves towards the European Union.


“His statements prove once again that Chisinau has undertaken the right actions to connect its national energy infrastructure to the European one,” Ion Muntean, energy expert at IDIS “Viitorul” think tank, based in Chisinau, said.


Dmitry Rogozin warned the Moldovan officials that in case their country initials any agreements with the European Union this fall, Moldovan people might “freeze in winter,” suggesting that Gazprom might cut off the gas supplies.


Analyst Ion Muntean said in a comment for Moldova.ORG that Mr. Rogozin’s statement related to a potential cut off in natural gas delivery to Moldova looks more like blackmailing. However, Mr. Muntean emphasized that it is still likely that Moldova will experience some difficulties in agreeing upon a new contract that is expected to be negotiated by the end of the year.


He suggests that Mr. Rogozin’s message is a signal for the Moldovan negotiators with Gazprom that it has to find more cogent arguments when it comes to the conditions of signing a new deal.


“It is now important that the responsible authorities in Chisinau do not underestimate the importance for Gazprom to transport its gas via Moldova,” Ion Muntean said.