Expert about Bishkek SCO summit

Political analysts summed up the results of the SCO summit in Bishkek. According to an expert in public administration Alisher Mamasalieva to Kyrgyzstan only positive results. Are more ambiguous outcome of negotiations for Russia and China.


"The main issues on the agenda of the meeting was the definition of the course the fight against terrorism and the establishment of the Bank of the SCO - the financial base for the development of joint infrastructure projects. If the first question reached certain agreements to counter this threat, the participants kept silent for a second., Russia insisted on working with Eurasian Bank Experts expect any decisions on the matter. But perhaps China opposed, and compromise is not found, "- said the expert. 


Alisher Mamasaliev noted that the parties could not come to a final decision on the question of the construction of the railway "China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan". "I think the main obstacle was the failure of the project on the part of Russia. Regional players - Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are ready to implement it," - he explained. 


The expert opined that "a positive development for China's participation in anti-terrorist operations." "In fact, after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from TSC" Manas ", the situation in Afghanistan could get worse, and this has a negative impact on the entire regione.KNR the CSTO could not go to this site. Now, SCO contract they can work and provide security at the border Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, "- said Alisher Mamasaliev.


The expert also drew particular attention to the fact that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin expressed his unequivocal position on the situation in Syria. "He demonstrated that Russia has quite a number of allies and associates on Syria and Afghanistan," - he said. 


"The last summit, and the interest in him observers from Iran and Mongolia showed that the SCO is alive and functional. For each participating country it brings some benefits. For President Atambayev as the host country, it was a tough exam. Kyrgyz President had experienced. Such large-scale summits and useful in terms of image. While Republic is in crisis, the attention of the neighbors are very beneficial to us, "- concluded the expert




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