By Alina Kantor

Detection and suppression of clandestine billionaires gray eminences of the criminal world , offers hope that the EU will no longer serve as a safe haven for dubious capital. One recent example of a successful response to criminal oligarchy - the capture of the fugitive banker Mukhtar Ablyazov to rob his own bank in Kazakhstan and its subsidiaries in Russia and Ukraine. And appropriated by various estimates from 5 to 6 billion.


French justice demonstrated a hard-line approach , taking into account the experience of the British Themis. The total rejection of any oligarch laws , escape from justice , contempt of court formed a sharply negative image of the man who spit at everyone and everything. And because all attempts proved futile expensive lawyers oligarch get him on bail. In early October, the Court of Appeal of Aix -en- Provence has once again rejected the request for release Ablyazova before deciding on his possible extradition . The first request for the release of the court rejected in August.


On charges of committing a series of crimes he was wanted by law enforcement , not only Russia , Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The activities of M. Ablyazov and his associates is a matter of criminal law enforcement investigation Cyprus , Hungary and Latvia. Competent authorities of Ireland and Finland are carried out inspections of its affiliated companies Ablyazov . Multimillion-dollar losses "due to" sustained Ablyazov British and French banks , lenders speakers.


For Russian assets disgraced Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov is legal battle - between Kazakhstan "BTA Bank ", the Russian Deposit Insurance Agency and by Ablyazov . While they are fighting , some assets are finding new owners.


In 2010-2011 . London's High Court at the request of "BTA Bank " frozen worldwide assets 1,000 companies tycoon. And then Ablyazova sentenced to 22 months in prison for violating the ban on alienation of assets. Ablyazov in prison did not want to sit down . The court deprived him of his right to a defense in civil suits filed by "BTA Bank ". Ablyazova rejected defense arguments without trial , "BTA Bank" was able to get court orders to collect $ 4 billion of assets Ablyazov case for another $ 2 billion going on.


It took several years to link the chain of offshore companies and prove the connection assets Ablyazov . Who came up stage of foreclosure . But talk about cash receipts early, as most problematic assets . For example , the project is a business center in Moscow. Meriyazayavila was going to terminate the investment contract . Easier to personal property in the UK Ablyazova - his London mansion , apartment and estate. This property , valued at approximately $ 50 million , court put on the market . Also managed to get a few hundred million dollars of assets that are not included in the London proceedings.


Businessman saved his property from expropriation - to nationalize it controlled 80% of the BTA. It is obvious that in Russia there are one or more centers , hiding assets to Ablyazova.


In Kazakhstan, a social movement dedicated to Ablyazov . It requires a return Ablyazova home. About 35 non-governmental organizations in writing addressed to the President of France on the issue regarding the extradition of the oligarch. It says that the judge should Ablyazova where he committed the crime. The fate of Ablyazov - this is the fate of the money had to go to the development of the NGO, building hospitals and schools. That is hundreds of thousands of dollars , millions that could go on the development of Kazakhstan.


Others believe that does not matter, where would sit criminal. After all, he is hurt in many countries. The main thing is to repair the damage and got what he deserved .