Georgia to host large military games with region partners next year

Next year, Georgia will host large-scale military exercises in which, perhaps, will participate region partner countries, said on Friday Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania after the demonstration exercises at a military base in Vaziani.


"Further scale exercises are planned. Next year we want to conduct training at the brigade level. Maybe we will include our partners in the region in it," - said Alasania.


On the Georgian-US "Agile Spirit 2013" military exercises at the Vaziani training ground on Friday held demonstration exercises.


Georgian and American militaries conducted a search and cordon operations, and the final section - the evacuation of wounded troops on the helicopter.


Defense Minister Irakli Alasania watched demonstration exercises.


"These exercises are very important. This is yet another war games successfully conducted together with the U.S. Marines. Combat problems were solved at the battalion level. They are distinguished by the fact that a joint headquarters of these operations was set up along with the Americans. Also our officers, the battalion commanders have additional experience during operations. It's also important that our equipment, including armored vehicles, which is being tested, was involved in the training. After this games we will have to derive the further continuation of the program of the national defense industry "- Irakli Alasania added.


Military training was also attended by military attaches of foreign states and members of the Georgian Parliament and the deputy chief of the European Command U.S. Marine Brigadier General James C. Omer.


The active phase of "Agile Spirit 2013" ended with demonstration exercises. During a joint training Georgian and American military executed tasks foreseen by ISAF mission. Journalists who have mastered their skills in combat, were also involved to this exercises.


"It is very important that the journalists have skills in combat. Trainings this kind will be held in the future," - Alasania said.


Saturday will be an official closing ceremony of the "Agile Spirit 2013" war games.