Kazakhstan is the Most Reliable NATO Partner in Central Asia – Special Envoy

Kazakhstan is the most active and reliable partner of NATO in Central Asia, and the North Atlantic Alliance hopes to maintain the rates of cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of further stabilization in Afghanistan, fighting terrorism, drugs trafficking, as well as assurance of international security and stability, reports Kazinform.


A NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Central Asia and Caucasus James Appathurai talked about this and about the state and prospects of Kazakhstan and NATO cooperation during the interview for Kazakhstani reporters in Brussels.


According to him, cooperation between NATO and Kazakhstan develops very well. In fact, it has always been at a quite high level. Kazakhstan is the most active partner of NATO in Central Asia.


"This country joined the process of planning and analysis, as also accomplished its Individual NATO Partnership Action Plan. So we have pretty developed bilateral cooperation”, - he said.


Appathurai thanked the authorities of Kazakhstan for cooperation in cargos transit, transported within the frames of NATO’s mission in Afghanistan.


"Kazakhstan is a very reliable partner and we have mutual interest to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan. So we are all for the promotion of our cooperation ", - he said.


According to Appathurai, Kazakhstan plays a significant part in the Istanbul process for Afghanistan. Recently Kazakhstan has welcomed a Conference of Foreign Affairs Minister “The Heart of Asia”, which is supported by NATO.


"So in general our partnership is active and we hope to maintain the rates of cooperation”, - he said.


Appathurai considers that after withdrawal of main international forces from Afghanistan in 2014, this country shall remain in the center of bilateral cooperation.


"NATO shall preserve the presence of troops in Afghanistan after 2014. These forces shall train Afghan security forces and will not take part in combat actions. In this respect the needs of NATO in cargos transit shall maintain and we hope to preserve cooperation with Kazakhstan in this sphere”, - he said.


According to Appathurai Kazakhstan and NATO have a mutual interest also in assurance of international security and stability, fighting terrorism and drugs trafficking, as well as border fortification.


"As far as I know, Kazakhstan is observing the option to participate in the UN peacekeeping missions. NATO has a possibility to hold a corresponding expertise regarding the level of readiness of these or that foreign units to operate together in peacekeeping missions. So I think that we also will be able to perform such expertise also in Kazakhstan. In general I would like to say that we have many options for future cooperation ", - he said.


Translated from Trend