One Against All

According to the opinion of the Head of the Global Interests Center, a political analyst Nikolay Zlobin, the attitude towards Putin is changing although slowly.


“More often I face neutral evaluations, much more often than it was a few years ago. There is a segment of European political class and some segment of ordinary people, where Putin’s reputation is becoming positive. This segment, as I feel, is growing. There is yet much critics, stereotypes, denial of Russian line and Putin in the world, but there is a trend of growing share of those, who sympathize him and partially acknowledge that Russia has been lucky with its leader " — said Zlobin to RIA Novosti.


The political analyst noted that the last session of the “great eight” in Lough-Erne showed that Putin is able to confront alone seven leaders of western countries.


"This has made great impression to western people, political class and reporters. The ability to defend solely its line is the dream of each political culture, especially in Europe, which has been under the dominating America influence for a long time and where the number of people is growing who consider that Europe should from time to time express its independent line”, - said Zlobin.


Except for that, according to the expert, a part of conservative western voters like that Putin defends traditional values.


"In general there is an evident trend – Putin is supported by a part of European establishment ad voters, because he stands on much more traditional values than the leaders of their countries”, - he added.


Zlobin pointed out, that Putin benefits also from being quite logical in his policy in comparison to western politicians, who openly perform political improvisation. “No matter the attitude towards Putin with all his minuses and pluses is, they see in him some strategic figure, which systemically stands at the same stances and prefers the tactics in prejudice of strategy. Except for that Putin today especially after the leave of Berlusconi, is the most experiences world politicians regarding the time spent at power. In this sense he is also observed to be more serious and fundamental”, - he concluded.