Post-Soviet underworld rushes to Europe

By Ian Begg

Has anyone counted how many criminals in Europe received immunity just because they share the values ​​of democracy? But it is time to compile such a list. It will be fun and will get a high ranking in the media. Lucky crooks, murderers, thievish officials - who just is not in this ranking. And they will combine two key factors: the first - millions of dollars in assets, and the second - a fanatical devotion to the cause of democracy.


Comparing a top sheet with a list of Interpol will become apparent as criminals on the one hand while in the "wanted list" on the website of the international police organization, and the other does not go by newsletters, speaking newly appeared messiahs accusers corruption and authoritarianism. Why do they often become influential newsmakers on a public platform? Answer - because these gentlemen come from the former Soviet republics.


The largest number of criminals eager to get into Europe from the two richest countries in the former Soviet Union - Russia and Kazakhstan. Moreover, given the transnational nature of the crime, according to some persons involved do not understand right away - they whose representatives, as sought by law enforcement agencies and that and the other. One of the clearest examples of such - has become Mukhtar Ablyazov, a former officer and ex-banikr from Kazakhstan, a former businessman from Russia, and now the underground billionaire, presumably hiding in Switzerland.


The story of this man demonstration lesson for all. This is an example of how easy it is to manipulate public opinion, if you have the means to hire the best lawyers, if there are resources for numerous publications in the media, if you have the audacity to identify themselves as a leading Democratic figures.


Can British politicians did not know who they are dealing when billionaire asked for political asylum in the UK? Yes, it financed the opposition in Kazakhstan, and before that created the game and was in prison. But it is not pursued for dissent, and for specific offenses. And not only Kazakhstan, but also the Russian police for fraud with real estate in Moscow. It may in fact turn out to be true, that the opposition leader was a thief. In such difficult cases, it is necessary to understand who have to deal with. Especially because in this case the conversation was about six billion dollars that the former head of the "BankaTuraanAlem" brought through offshore companies and thus put on the brink of bankruptcy leading financial institution in the country. And as part of the bank's partners, who have suffered huge losses, there were British financiers.


Kazakh bank, which still managed to save from bankruptcy by the state, sent to the High Court in London lawsuit against Ablyazov. Process lasted several years. All the while, the oligarch Ablyazov Themis accused of bias, lying and hiding assets. As a result, for contempt of court and sentenced to 22 months in prison. But this sentence, like all others, the oligarch ignored. He fled the country.


Lawyers Ablyazova started a legal maneuvers, trying to stall for time. Any decision of the court of appeal followed. Recently, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom rejected the final appeal Ablyazova. The Supreme Court denied leave to appeal in Ablyazov Court of Appeal decision. We are talking about the withdrawal of the right to judicial protection for claims advanced by BTA Bank. The maneuvers ended. Begins the stage of execution of a judgment in favor of BTA Bank. Offenders will have to return billions of dollars of stolen funds. But underground tycoon threatens Strasbourg court ... But it is clear that the British were no longer able to play for time.


The next step - Interpol, who still can not arrest oligarch officially a wanted. Perhaps it is also hard to find, like other domestic criminal, by the way, a relative Ablyazova - Victor Khrapunov, who lives in Geneva and has been on the covers of tabloids, and also appears in the lists of the richest people in Switzerland. Someone explain what is going on?