Resonance situation

By Gregori Sordi

Scandal in the Italian media about the allegedly illegally extradited citizen of Kazakhstan Alma Shalabaeva is as politically motivated. This is another subtle combination of international criminal Ablyazova.


What is the combination? Very simple. Hiding from the law enforcement agencies of several countries, fugitive ran into a situation where the family has to weigh. Reduced mobility, maneuverability. And Interpol and private detectives are on the alert. We helped a lot of money, by which he was always in any situation warned of a possible police raid.


But still, the family began to disturb him. Also there was a legitimate question - where to put it? Especially since the wife clearly tired of such a troubled life. Besides her father, who is in Kazakhstan, is not healthy and it needs attention and care.


And here came up with an ingenious combination Abliyazov. Always elusive for law enforcement, and are looking for him all over the world from England to Russia, he suddenly got agents, detectives. At the address the police arrived to arrest the criminal who is wanted. But the house was only his wife and daughter Ablyazova. And the Italian authorities detained the wife for violating immigration laws. She was a real passport Central African Republic (CAR) to a different name. It was found violating immigration laws.


Abliyazov actually voluntarily left the family in the hands of the Italian police with the expectation that further its extradited to Kazakhstan. A parallel unfolded in the media hype around the allegedly violated rights and freedoms of his wife and daughter. In this case, no longer a family Ablyazova, and the government of Kazakhstan become hostages of the situation. Now they must protect his wife and daughter adventurer as VIP guests. Abliyazov squeezed the maximum out of this delicate situation to once again accuse the authorities of Kazakhstan and himself pushing the opposition as the sole representative in the country. The party, which he founded in Kazakhstan, protected only the interests of its oligarchic groups. Then, a runaway banker was able to get political asylum in Britain. But today, Britain is among those countries who are looking for Ablyazova to put him in jail.


Today, the Central African Republic after a coup, there is complete chaos. And the rating system as well. As it became known, members of the clan Ablyazova in the Foreign Ministry CAR work Counsellor, Permanent Mission to the United Nations in this country. In fact the CAR became a branch of his kurpnogo investor Ablyazova. So it's not a problem to issue passports.


These details of the Italian public does not know. In the style of Ablyazova use all around, even his family. While he stands newsmaker - his political career continues.


As to the Italian authorities, they responded quickly to the hype detailed in the press. The Italian Prime Minister has instructed to conduct an internal audit of the State authorities, which have been criticized by the media. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy say they are not worried about this test. They consider all the legal procedures. Previously, this had been informed the Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and the European institutions. This situation has caused a resonance in order to discredit the coalition government of Italy. Bloated Ablyazov scandal must also ensure respect for his family in Kazakhstan, although the authorities retaliate runaway speculator is not collected. Currently, his wife and daughter live peacefully in Almaty parents.