Sergei Ivanov : Russia could change its position on the Syrian issue

Russia could change its position on the Syrian issue if realize that Bashar Assad 's cheating . This was said at the plenary session of the 10th Conference of the London International Institute for Strategic Studies ' global strategic review " in Stockholm , the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov.


Sergei Ivanov, answering questions in the plenary session , said: "I am speaking theoretically and hypothetically , but if we have confidence that Assad 's cheating , we can change our position ," - said Ivanov .


At the same time, he suggested thinking and more over one hypothetically possible scenario - if it turns out that the chemical weapons were used and the official Damascus and the opposition . " I imagine that if the international community will do " - said Ivanov . Talking about the way in which Russia can act in this situation , the head of the presidential administration, said : "Only diplomatically , what else can we do? " .


"We have to understand that he / Assad / no control over the entire territory / Syria / . We still do not know where geographically the entire stock of chemical weapons. I think it will become clear within a week ," - said Ivanov .


To judge the timing and cost of the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria will be in two or three months , Ivanov said . " Maybe in two or three months will finally understand how much time it takes , how it will be technologically much money it will cost. But no one can specifically answer the question ," - he said.


Russia against the division of Syria, but the Syrians have to decide


Russia does not allow the division of Syria, but believes that this is an internal matter of the state, Sergei Ivanov told reporters . "There is not allowed. But it is an internal affair of Syria. We can not affect it ," - said Ivanov .


He added that the Syrian conflict end sooner or later . At the same time , according to the head of the presidential administration , it is worth considering , then head out to the warring people there , including terrorists who have acquired more weapons from Libyan arsenals. "They do not disappear , they will continue to use the weapon ," - Ivanov warned .


Also at the meeting, Ivanov raised the issue of solving the Syrian crisis , noting that the priority peace talks . "In the case of an external military intervention opposition, which opposes the initiative , and so for the peace conference did lose all interest in the negotiations , hoping that the U.S. will , as in Libya, bombing mode to the ground , and thus pave the militants easy way to victory " - he said .


Ivanov said that in the framework of the Russian -American Initiative on May 7, 2013 Russia has already passed its part of the way , with the agreement of Damascus send a large delegation to the Geneva Conference . " American partners also did not manage to achieve the same result from the opposition. A statement that will help advance the peace process strikes " cruise missile " not only unfounded but also irresponsible ," - said Ivanov .


He also expressed the view that the Arab nations will not be able to move quickly to democracy of Europe . " We support the Arab people for change , for a better , freer life. But we are well aware that to move quickly to democracy of Europe , they will not. Or maybe not be able to copy at such a model ," - said Ivanov .


Head of the Presidential Administration said that a couple of years ago at a conference , " Shangri - La Dialogue " in Singapore , he expressed concerns about the then prevailing euphoria of the "Arab Spring." " I supposed that after the spring followed by " autumn " and " winter. " Unfortunately, if a comprehensive and objective analysis of the events in Tunisia , Libya , Egypt, and to a certain extent - in Mali , it becomes apparent that forecast comes true " - a Ivanov regret .



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