Lithuanian Attaché on Transport to Work in Kazakhstan

Lithuanian Attaché on Transport shall work in Kazakhstan, reports Kazakhstan Today.


On Monday the Government of Lithuania gave its principle consent on that from the beginning of the next year Lithuania to be represented by an Attaché on transport for Kazakhstan reports the edition “Lithuanian Courier”. 


The Minister of Transport Rimantas Sinkevičius said that the new Attaché shall have the objective to attract more cargos and investments to Lithuania.


"During the visit in Vilnius the Head of the railway of Kazakhstan revealed interest to the state logistic centers being established in Lithuanian in Vilnius and especially in Kaunas. They would like to invest and have here their warehouses, earlier we have agreed on the foundation of forwarding Joint Venture " – said Sinkevičius.


The message says that Lithuania is a partner of priority for Kazakhstan in the region of the Baltic Sea. 


"Except for that, Kazakhstan is one of the main countries, through the territory of which cargos for NATO military mission in Afghanistan flow, with this country in future we plan to develop an intercontinental transport corridor " – reminds the edition.


Translated from Kazakhstan Today