Energy security

North Korea 'offers to discuss nuclear disarmament'


By Harriet Alexander

North Korea has offered to return to talks on nuclear disarmament, in a move designed to keep their Chinese allies happy. READ MORE

Why Ukraine needs Azerbaijan’s gas?

By Ellada Khankishiyeva

Offers by the Ukrainian side on Azerbaijani gas supplies to Ukraine are sounding more insistent each time. This is understandable: the times are changing, no alternatives are expected to hydrocarbons as an energy source in the foreseeable future, the demand for gas promises to grow in the future, and with it, the growth in prices is projected as well. Azerbaijan, once importing gas, now itself is a reliable supplier. The route for supply of Azerbaijani gas to Europe is about to be chosen, while Ukraine is still dependent on energy supplies. READ MORE

Judy Asks: Is Support for the “Merkel Way” Fading?

By Judy Dempsey

The debate between advocates of austerity and supporters of stimulus still rages across Europe. Our experts assess whether backing for German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s economic policies—the “Merkel way”—is starting to wane. READ MORE

East-Caspian Express: the Stop “Verticals”

By Mikhail Agadzhanyan

During the visit of the President of Turkmenistan Berdymukhamedov in Kazakhstan (May 10th -11th) an opening of Kazakhstani-Turkmen part of the railway Uzen – Bereket – Gorgan took place. The accomplishment of the railway project of three-party character in recent years has been contradicting. The first terms of the railway commissioning in a finalized Kazakhstani-Turkmen-Iranian way was planned for the end of 2011. Then they were postponed till December last year. But the parties didn’t manage to fit the reconsidered time frames of the railway commissioning. READ MORE

The Challenges for Iran's Next President


Iran's Guardian Council, the powerful vetting and oversight committee of the Islamic republic, announced Tuesday its list of eight approved candidates for the June 14 Iranian presidential election. A total of 686 presidential hopefuls had submitted their names for approval, though in recent days dozens of politicians and clerics had withdrawn their candidacies in support of better-known figures. Chief among them were former president Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and outgoing president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's right-hand man, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei. READ MORE

Europe’s Reaction and Prospects of Russian Gas Pipeline Project

By Eva Lukas

Recently announced gas pipeline project “Yamal – Europe 2” has already obtained scandalous color. The decision of the Prime-Minister of Poland Donald Tusk to fire the Minister of State Treasury of Poland, who was responsible for fuel-energy complex – is the first clear reaction of Europe on this project. The reason for such decision was the signing of the memorandum between “Gazprom” and ”EuRoPolGaz” on the intention regarding the construction of  the gas pipeline “Yamal-Europe-2”. The experts state – this project is of propaganda and blackmailing character. The objective is to force Ukraine to cooperate in gas-transporting sphere on the conditions of “Gazprom”. However, there are also other reasons to lobby the new project –  growing energy and political significance of Russia for Europe.  READ MORE

Eurosceptics running protection racket in Tory party, says Lord Mandelson

By Nicholas Watt

Mandelson says anti-EU Tories are threatening to 'burn down the house' unless David Cameron caves in to their demands READ MORE

Chinese premier seeks 'mutual trust' on trade and border dispute in first India visit


Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has vowed to increase "mutual trust" with India in his first trip abroad since assuming office. Talks with Indian leaders are expected to focus on trade and recent border tensions.  READ MORE

Iceland’s Recovery Saga Presents Opportunities for Brussels, Washington—and Beijing

By Guillaume Xavier-Bender

In front of the dominating church of Hallgrímur, in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, stands the statue of Leif Ericson. He is described as the “son of Iceland, discoverer of Vinland,” the Norse name for what would become North America. The inscription serves as a reminder of the island’s physical and symbolic position in the middle of the Atlantic. READ MORE

Iran's top nuclear negotiator: NPT members need to cooperate to use nuclear enegy peacefully


The members of NPT should be cooperating with each other to use nuclear energy peacefully, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili said, Press TV reported live.  READ MORE