SCO Sec Gen Muratbek Imanaliev: Problem of security on Eurasian space - crucial for all SCO member states

By Ruslan Suleimenov

As earlier reported, on June 10-11, 2010 Tashkent will host a  session of the Council of Presidents of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Muratbek Imanaliev, Secretary-General of the SCO, told about the agenda of the forthcoming sitting and the threats and challenges the Organization faces today in an interview to Kazinform. READ MORE

Kyrgyzstan invites Russian troops to end unrest

Kyrgyzstan on Saturday asked Russia to send troops to end ethnic violence that has killed more than 60 people and wounded about 800 in the impoverished nation that hosts U.S. and Russian military bases, the country's interim president said. READ MORE

Russia and China leaders to meet at security summit

The leaders of Russia and China will discuss global financial markets and tensions on the Korean peninsula during the annual summit of a regional security grouping on Thursday, a Kremlin source said. READ MORE

Western experts: Turkmenistan's construction of gas pipeline East-West to increase chances of Trans-Caspian project

By A.Badalova

Construction of East-West gas pipeline by Turkmenistan will increase energy independence and increase the chances of implementation of the Trans-Caspian pipeline, Western experts said. READ MORE

Struggle for Central Asian energy riches

By Richard Galpin

A year ago, the Kremlin issued a stark warning: that growing competition for control of global energy resources could spark wars on Russia's borders, including those in Central Asia. READ MORE

Uzbekistan joins INWRDAM

By D.Azizov

Uzbekistan has become a full member of the Inter-Islam Network of Water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM), Jahon agency at the Uzbek Foreign Ministry announced. READ MORE

The Next Round of the Great Game

By Richard Lourie

The April uprising in Kyrgyzstan illuminates the latest phase of the Great Game. READ MORE

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: Signs of Real Rapprochement

By Dmitry Slavin

Today the foreground of international relations includes the issues of arrangement and holding of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Tashkent this June. The Heads of SCO member-states are constantly substantially exchanging views on the situation within Central Asian region. A significant defining factor is the relations between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, which gain the tendency to rapprochement. READ MORE

Environmental Problems of Asian Region have Reached a Critical Point

By Christina Greszta

The OSCE is literally the only regional organization, which includes the most influential countries in the world. READ MORE

Turkey unveils energy plan

By Saban Kardas

The Turkish energy ministry has announced its strategic energy plan for 2010-2014, which seeks to accomplish several objectives: boosting supply security and Turkey's influence in regional and global energy markets, protecting the environment, making greater use of domestic resources and restructuring the legal-institutional infrastructure of the national energy market. READ MORE