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Will the Dutch help Cameron to reform the EU?

By Rem Korteweg

To renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership, David Cameron must find allies. One of his targets is the Netherlands. But if the British prime minister misreads his potential allies and pushes for opt-outs or a large-scale repatriation of powers, he is certain to find himself isolated, writes Rem Korteweg. READ MORE

James Sherr: “People governing Ukraine are not going to get it closer to Europe, and Russia is taking a full advantage of this”


Chatham House’s James Sherr speaks on Russian diplomacy and the Kremlin’s possible efforts to hamper Ukraine’s real European integration READ MORE

French and Spanish police break up human trafficking ring

Spanish and French police have dismantled a human trafficking ring that smuggled Chinese migrants into Europe and the United States, arresting 75 suspects including alleged "main operatives" based in Barcelona. READ MORE

EU Ambassador to Afghanistan Vygaudas Ušackas: Progress evident but fragile

Lithuanian diplomat Vygaudas Ušackas, the European Union's (EU) outgoing Ambassador to Afghanistan, says that the progress made in the country is evident, yet fragile and still to be secured.  READ MORE


In Europe, the hunt for fugitive corrupt officials. In France arrested the former head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov. In Astana, do not lose hope for the arrest of other fugitives. Almost all of them - former high-level officials, suddenly became "the opposition" after fleeing the country. But for the European Themis it does not matter. READ MORE

Georgian MFA: Despite Russia's 'Destructive Policy' Tbilisi Seeks 'Normalization' of Ties

Despite Russia's "aggression" and its "persisting destructive policy directed against Georgia's independence and statehood", the Georgian government seeks "a gradual normalization" of bilateral ties, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on August 7 on the occasion of the fifth year anniversary of the war with Russia. READ MORE

Russia-China Military Drills Gaining Momentum

A Russian-Chinese joint antiterrorism exercise in Russia’s Urals region enters its active phase on Saturday, a spokesman for the Central Military District said. READ MORE

Turkey And Albania: Strategic Partnership In A Globalized World

By Peter Tase

Rapid national economic growth and integration in the European Union are among the top priorities in the current strategy of Albanian Government. Albania’s aspirations in international trade would be incomplete if Turkish markets and investors are not part of this process and strategy. READ MORE

Russian President’s visit to Tehran: Supply and demand

By Elmira Tariverdiyeva

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to take a Caspian tour in mid-August. Tehran officially confirmed the Russian president's visit to Iran, but it is possible that Putin will visit more than one Caspian littoral country. READ MORE

Staying Afloat in Each Port of Caspian Region


By Mikhail Agadzhanyan

The Caspian tour of Putin, planned in the middle of August, is about regional subject-matter READ MORE