Energy security

Sergei Ivanov : Russia could change its position on the Syrian issue

Russia could change its position on the Syrian issue if realize that Bashar Assad 's cheating . This was said at the plenary session of the 10th Conference of the London International Institute for Strategic Studies ' global strategic review " in Stockholm , the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. READ MORE

Eastern Mediterranean Gas in Focus

By Kevin Rosner

The issue of energy security is often cast with a rather narrow net inordinately focused on security of supply issues (with oil and gas typically at the forefront of this discussion).  This bias is readily understood in practical terms.  We understand simply and immediately an energy supply problem if we pull up to the gas pump and there is no product to put in the tank.  So while supply security is admittedly an essential component of the energy security genre, a singular focus on this aspect alone skews a broader and more profound understanding of how energy, and particularly power, if denied, is part of the larger energy-security and for that matter human landscape.  READ MORE

Initial Reaction to the Geneva Joint Statement


By Rachel Weatherly

Secretary of State John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and UN Special Representative Lakhdar just emerged from their discussion about a potential Geneva 2 peace conference to make brief, individual statements. Questions were not taken. According to Kerry, if progress can be made on the chemical issue he and Lavrov would likely meet in New York on or about September 28 to try to arrive at a date for the peace conference. READ MORE

Beijing’s Occupy A Moscow Place In Central Asia

In the days preceding the visit of Xi in Tashkent, Russian experts agreed on one thing - China is not left in isolation from Russia in Central Asia competitive struggle which, it should be noted, while developing a common framework of "healthy competition" between the two powers. However, on certain economic areas can already be seen advancing sensitive Beijing Moscow. READ MORE

EU Commissioner: Russia breaches Helsinki Principles by exerting pressure on EaP countries

Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy said on Wednesday that the Customs Union membership of the Eastern Partnership countries is not compatible with EU’s Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA). READ MORE

Scandinavia’s Nuclear Threat: Olenegorsk 2 – the frightening nuclear fairy tale of the Kola Peninsula

By Ruslan Ustrakhanov

Olenegenorsk 2 or, in local dialect, “Tsar City” is a small settlement in the Murmansk region. Until recently, it was a completely closed territory; to merely speak of it was considered a criminal offence, a disclosure of state secrets. READ MORE

SCO Summit Focuses On Afghanistan, Economic Cooperation


A summit in Bishkek of the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has focused on fostering economic development and regional security cooperation, especially regarding the situation in Afghanistan.  READ MORE

Expert: Rogozin’s stance on Moldova-EU energy deal is blackmailing

Energy experts believe that Russian Deputy Premier Dmitry Rogozin’s speech delivered in Chisinau on Monday proves once again that Moldova has chosen the right path, Russia seeming disturbed by country’s moves towards the European Union. READ MORE

Iran Raps Latest IAEA Report as 'Tainted by Poilitics'

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) chided the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for issuing an unfair, biased report on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, and urged the agency to pursue non-political approaches. READ MORE

The German election: What’s in it for Europe?

As German election day approaches, the outcome and coalition formed in its aftermath will have an impact on the country's positions on European issues. Roland Freudenstein ponders which are the likely post-election scenarios and what they mean for Europe. READ MORE